March 2023

How to Save for a Down Payment While Renting

Posted on Mar 30, 2023 in Renting

Save for a downpayment

Renters across Canada have been struggling with rising rent costs and wondering how they will be able to save for a down payment while renting. However, with some money management tricks and adjustments to your daily living, you can save for a down payment. It might go slowly, but every little bit helps. Here are some tips to save for a down paymen...

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What is a Buyer Representation Agreement?

Posted on Mar 23, 2023 in First-Time Buyers

woman signing buyer representation agreement

Whether you’re looking at a condo in the city or a brick home in the suburbs, the search for your dream home is an exciting time. For many prospective buyers, the period between the decision to buy and the day you get the keys to your new home takes a back seat to your dreams of the exciting times ahead. As a buyer, you need to be informed and educ...

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What You Should Know About Buying a Fixer Upper

Posted on Mar 16, 2023 in Home Ownership, Maintenance, & Repairs

Buying a Fixer upper
If you are a handyperson, or simply love old houses, then the idea of buying a fixer-upper home could be very attractive. Fixer-uppers often go for way below market price because of their condition, and you can invest time and money into renovating it exactly as you want. However, buying a fixer-upper is not for the faint of heart. Read our guide t...

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The Best Home Renovations for the Biggest ROI

Posted on Mar 09, 2023 in Home Ownership, Maintenance, & Repairs

home renovations new floor

Pandemic living has changed how Canadians think about renovations: according to the RE/MAX 2021 Renovation Investment Report, more than half of Canadians renovated their homes during the year. While only 16 per cent explicitly renovated to increase their home’s market value, nearly 60 per cent said they still considered the return on investment.


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