January 2024

How are Canadian Mortgage Rates Determined?

Posted on Jan 26, 2024 in Market Conditions

Canadian mortgage rates have been in a state of flux for the last year. The pandemic prompted a trio of interest rate drops, bringing the benchmark rate down to 0.25 per cent. This, in turn, resulted in a housing boom that saw many homebuyers stretch their financing to the limit in order to be able to buy a home. Now that the boom has passed and in...

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What does ‘AS IS’ property purchase mean in Real Estate?

Posted on Jan 18, 2024 in First-Time Buyers

Purchasing a home typically begins with making an offer, also referred to as the agreement of purchase. This document outlines the necessary conditions that must be met to finalize the deal. Common conditions typically include securing mortgage financing and sometimes undergoing a home inspection.

The concept of purchasing a property “as is” indicat...

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