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What It Means to Be House Poor – and How to Avoid It

Posted on Nov 07, 2022 in Home Ownership, Maintenance, & Repairs

empty house_house poor

You’ve got your mortgage pre-approval, and you’re shopping the market for your perfect home. If you find one that’s priced too close to your limit, you run the risk of being house poor. Let’s look at what it is, what you can do to avoid it, and what to do if you are already house poor.

The Costs of Owning a Home

When you begin the process of looking...

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Renovations That Pay Off on the Resale Market

Posted on Apr 05, 2022 in Home Ownership, Maintenance, & Repairs

Renovations that pay off on resale market

If you’re a home-buyer, owner or seller, you’re probably wondering how to maximize your investment. The answer depends on a number of factors, such as market conditions, your current circumstances and long-term goals, but there are some home renovations that pay off on the resale market, whether you’re looking to stay in the home or sell it.


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Home Renovations That Buyers Want, According to Agents

Posted on Mar 03, 2022 in Home Ownership, Maintenance, & Repairs

Home Renovations That Buyers Want
What are the home renovations that buyers want to see on the market? It’s a great question, and one you’ve likely pored over if you’re preparing to list your home for sale in the near future, or you’re embarking on a renovation with a thought to long-term resale value. According to the 2021 RE/MAX Renovation Investment Report, more than half of Can...

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Top 8 Winter Home Energy Solutions

Posted on Feb 09, 2022 in Home Ownership, Maintenance, & Repairs

Energy bills can get dramatically high, especially during Canada’s cold winter months. There are, however, steps you can take to conserve energy and save money at the same time. Below are our top eight Winter Home Energy Solutions.

8 – Turn Down the Temperature
When you’re away from your house for a few days, you don’t need to keep the heat cranked u...

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